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MagnaSpread Pull-Type

10-20  FOOT Pull-type FERTILIZER AND LIME Spreader

MagnaSpread Pull-Type

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The MagnaSpread pull-type spreader is the industry leader in cost-in-use, a measure of efficiency and profitability.  MagnaSpread is optimized to precisely spread lime, fertilizer, and now urea, with the optional Javelin spinner system.

  • MagnaSpread Spinner System

  • Optional Javelin Spinner System

  • Multiple Suspension Types

  • Multiple Lengths and Hopper Styles

  • Dual-Functionality Spinner System

  • Section Control Option

  • Optional High Duty Cycle Hydraulic Package

  • Multi-Hopper Bin System

  • Binary Manifold

  • Available in Pull-Type or Multiple Mounted Options


MagnaSpread Mounted

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Precision fertilizer and lime applicators bearing the Salford name meet the demands of the largest farms, as well as small and midsized family operations looking to take their businesses to next-generation sustainability. The option-rich MagnaSpread line is the powerhouse of Salford's BBI series, our flagship line of precision applicators of fertilizer, lime, and now urea with the optional Javelin spinner system.

  • Bolt-On, Interchangeable Spinners

  • Optional Section Control

  • Multi-Hopper Offerings

  • Binary Manifold

  • Hydraulic Features and Options

  • Options for Self-Propelled Equipment



Air Boom 

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Salford Group is offering its exclusive 6700 Mounted Air Boom Applicator for used and trade-in late model John Deere® Sprayer Chassis. This new addition to the Salford-Valmar product lineup offers producers and custom applicators new options for multi-product, multi-purpose, granular fertilizer, granular herbicide, and cover crop application, prior to and during the growing season.

The 6700 comes loaded with standard features, including: ISOBUS controls, a micro-nutrient hopper, dual 14-inch stainless steel mesh bed chains, hydraulic boom suspension, 60-foot booms with row-crop outlet spacing, and optional drop tubes for applying fertilizer between rows, below the canopy. Mounted on John Deere’s® high clearance chassis, the 6700 allows producers to apply the right product, at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place. Additionally, the 6700 is equipped to seed inter-row cover crops, to allow the crop to establish before the canopy closes.

  • Feature-loaded stainless steel hopper

  • Variable rate controlled metering system

  • Two-section, hydraulically folding booms

  • Rate control ready system

  • Ideal for granular fertilizer application or post-emergence between rows

  • Micro hopper is also capable of metering granular chemicals

  • Ease of hopper installation



Air Boom 

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New for 2019
Aim further. Apply On-Target.

This new Salford 6700 chassis mounted air boom applicator is engineered for select Case IH floater chassis. With a 70 ft application width and the versatile new hopper you can accurately meter one, two or three products at once allowing you to apply granular fertilizer, granular herbicide or combinations of products, in one pass.

Simple, Accurate Application

Salford’s latest 6700 model features Valmar’s Venturi metering design with proven reliablity and simple maintenance.

Reduce application overlap and save on input costs with variable rate application and left/right section control.

Engineered specifically for the Case IH® Titan 20, 30 and 40 series floater chassis, this 6700 model will itegrate seamlessly with your chassis.

Revolutionary New Hopper Design

This new 6700 model is capable of applying one, two, or three products at once with various hopper configurations.

Empty hoppers can be adjusted in seconds, no tools or bin inserts required.


  • 70-foot spread, 304 stainless steel

  • Hydraulic bi-fold booms with spring protected break-away tips

  • Hydraulic boom suspension with boom tip height adjustment


  • 409 Stainless Steel (Painted to match chassis)

  • 3 Compartments
    (2 x Main Products + 1 Micronutrient/Cover Crop/Granular Chemical)


  • Rate control ready for Raven® RCM

  • Left / Right section control

  • Independent Variable Rate by Product

  • Stainless Steel 304 Conveyors (Compartments 1 & 2)

  • Meter Rollers on Micro/Cover/Chemical Hopper


  • Case IH® Titan (20, 30 and 40 Series)


Leader in Air Boom Delivery

9620 Air Boom

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Salford's Valmar 9620 is the largest pull type air boom applicator on the market today. The 9620's speed, precision, capacity, and value make it an economical replacement for air boom equipment floaters.

The 9620's 660 cubic foot capacity is designed to reduce fill stops and the heavy duty 20 ton walking beam suspension carries the load with confidence at high speed. Capable of applying up to 110 acres per hour, the 72 foot boom helps cover acres quickly as the hydraulic suspension ensures boom stability. The booms can be hydraulically raised and lowered up to 8 feet at the tip, allowing the 9620 to contour the ground for the most accurate application.

  • 72 foot boom constructed from 304 stainless steel

  • Hydraulic boom suspension with 7 foot breakaway boom tips and ability to coutour up to 8 feet from ground level to follow uneven terrain

  • 660 cubic foot hopper with multi-product metering options, and an optional "flip-flop" tank

  • Keep products like coated urea and sulphur in separate compartments to increase their effectiveness

  • ISOBUS compatible variable rate and left/right section control*

  • Maximum flotation and high-speed travel with 20 ton walking beam suspension and 800/65R32 tires

8600 Air Boom

Commercial Pull-Type FERTILIZER Spreader

Air Boom 

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Salford's Valmar 8600 is a high capacity, high speed, air boom applicator capable of delivering up to 1000 lbs/acre at 8 mph. The highly accurate Venturi metering system is simple to calibrate and easy to operate allowing anyone to take to the field with the 8600.

An optional secondary hopper compartment and secondary metering allows for the application of lower rate herbicides and micronutrients alongside your granular fertilizer.

The 8600 has left / right section control that can be operated manually or automatically with prescription maps when equipped with hydraulic variable rate metering and ISOBUS controller.

  • Cover More Acres in Less Time

  • Accurate Metering System

  • Spread More Product between Fills

  • Ideal for Row Crop Farming

  • High Capacity PTO or Hydraulic

  • Driven Fan

  • Durable and Easy to Maintain

  • Choose Boom Width to Match Your Needs

  • Easy to Operate